Elastic Load Balancer & Mr. Loba

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In this article, we will discuss about Amazon Elastic Load balancer, how it works, its types and benefits in a lay-person's perspective.

Before we move into the article, I would like to set your mind on a specific analogy. Lets imagine a 5-Star Hotel Kitchen. The hotel gets many guests for Breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Sometimes, there could be some spike in the number of guests and still they would need to cater them quickly.

I like eating various cuisines in hotels and so I took this analogy though there are many others that we could relate to.

To easily travel into this analogy, lets assume the following;

  • Internet Traffic - Hotel Dine-in guests

  • Elastic Load Balancer - Chef Mr. Loba (Abbreviated Load Balancer to Loba)<