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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In this article, we will discuss about what Docker is, its architecture, how it works and what are its benefits in a summarized form.

This time I have tried to summarize the concept of docker in 6-slider presentation format. I am sure each slide will be informative and may help you prepare for DevOps or Docker certification exam.

Point #1: Know Docker

Point #2: To understand Docker better, we need to know what Virtual Machine is and how it works.

Point #3: Know how Virtual Machine and Docker works

Point #4: Architecture of Docker showing how it works

Point #5: Terminologies of Docker

Point #6: Benefits of Docker

Good to know some basic commands of Docker

To Install Docker

sudo yum install docker 

To check docker version

docker --version
docker -V

To start Docker service

sudo service docker start

To know information about Docker containers

docker info

To list Docker images, provide information of created images and provide size of images

docker images
docker images -a
docker images -q

To remove an image

docker rmi <imagename>

For help on deleting images

docker rim --help

To pull an image

docker pull <imagename>

To run docker container

docker run
docker run -d

To run in interactive mode

docker run -it -p <port> <imagename> 

To create a directory for dockerfile

mkdir dockerfile

To go to the created directory

cd dockerfile

To create a dockerfile

touch dockerfile

To edit dockerfile

vim dockerfile

To create a docker volume

docker volume create <volumename>

To list volume files

docker volume ls

To inspect properties of volume files

docker volume inspect <volumename>

To remove volume

docker volume rm <volumename>

To inspect a container

docker inspect <containername>

To Stop a container

docker container stop <containername>

To remove a container

docker container rm <containername>

To create a docker compose file

vim docker-compose.yml

To validate the docker compose file

docker-compose config

To run the docker compose file

docker-compose up -d

To bring down the container

docker-compose down

I am sure the above information will be beneficial for beginners and for people planning for Docker certification. This is just a summary of Docker and there are lots to know about Docker and how popular it is in the market. Kindly go through the documentation from Docker for more details.

Please provide your valuable feedback on this article and share it with other if you feel its informative. Thank you and all the best.

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