AWS CloudFormation - Launch RDS MySQL Instance in Multi-AZ

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

In this section, I have provided the YAML Script for creation of RDS Instance (MySQL) in a VPC environment. I have used the VPC that I created in my previous blog posts to launch this RDS Instance.


Before we go into the script directly, lets look at what we require to launch an RDS Instance. You can launch Amazon RDS Instance that uses the following 5 DBs.

  1. Maria DB

  2. SQL Server DB

  3. MySQL

  4. Oracle DB

  5. PostgreSQL

For this article, we will be using Amazon RDS with MySQL.

It is imperative to know that when we create a new DB instance;

a. we need to create the db instance in a private subnet

b. we need to secure the db instance with a new security group and allow only the necessary resources that connect through the same security group with appropriate port.