Amazon VPC vs Apartment

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

In this article, I have tried to explain the concepts of VPC in a more layperson's point of view. This is because, not everyone may understand the networking concepts and jargons in the beginning stage of learning. I did go through the same while learning. So I started to relate the concepts with some real life analogies so that it stays in mind longer. This article may help very beginners or someone who is not from technical background or fresh graduates in understanding the VPC better.


Imagine you have a 3 Bed room rental flat in a Multi-storey apartment with gated security. Lets assume the aspects of a flat as below for the rest of the article;

  • Multi-Storey apartment building - Region

  • Each Apartment Floor - Availability Zone

  • Individual Flat - VPC

  • Rooms - Subnets

  • Main door of Apartment building - Internet Gateway